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Read the excerpt from the book "Fabulosity" from one of Meg's former students the beautiful Kimora Lee Simmons here

Learn more about the Girl Scout Badge program. Meg will work directly with your troop or pack . here

Welcome to Spa for the Soul.
We are so happy you discovered us. We have a message for everyone:

  If you are feeling fear, stress or worry
  If you feel disconnected from yourself or those around you
  If you are struggling with negative emotional or behavior patterns
  If you feel out of touch with your true value and purpose

Whether you’re a teen or adult, male or female, this is a healing opportunity.

We are bombarded with messages from our family, friends, and the media, telling us what or who we should be. We try on one persona after another, trying to see what will fit. This cycle can only lead to pain, exhaustion, wasted energy and confusion because the perfect person already exists inside each one of us. Realizing and uncovering our true selves is the hallmark to a peaceful, loving, successful life. Illuminating your unique gifts transforms your struggles into achievement, your doubts into confidence, and your fears into joy. All the answers, all the energy, all the peace exists inside of you. Wouldn’t you like to give the gift of self-love to yourself and those around you...a life of acceptance and inner peace? Yes, but how? How do we discover and illuminate our strengths, passions, and gifts?

That is the goal of Spa for the Soul.

Spa for the Soul is a unique experience designed to lead you to authentic living through powerful personal mentoring, presentations, and workshops. Each program can be tailored to individual or group goals. Spa for the Soul will introduce you to the only person whose opinion truly matters: your own! Spa for the Soul will help you see your inner beauty by helping you uncover your unique gifts, talents, dreams, and beliefs. This is accomplished in a positive and interactive setting, incorporating practical advice with a spiritual lesson. Just as a visit to a health spa helps us uncover our physical health and vitality, Spa for the Soul helps us gently lay aside the stories of unworthiness and fear so that we can stand in the beautiful truth and wholeness of who we really are. If you are hurting in any way, you are not broken, you are breaking open! Your healing journey has already begun...know that you don’t have to walk it alone.